Focus and Scope

JSPI emphasizes the study of public policy, social and political issues in general and specifically by emphasizing the theories of socio-political and public policy and its practices within the context of world and ASEAN issues that are commonly observed and developed through publications of articles and book reviews.

This journal specializes in studying the theories and practices of socio-political and public policy in world countries and ASEAN intending to express original research and current issues. This journal warmly welcomes the contributions of scholars from related fields that consider the following general topics:

  • Social Development and Welfare;
  • Decentralization and Regional Autonomy;
  • Public Policy;
  • Public Management and Governance;
  • Political Economy;
  • Business Administration;
  • Bureaucracy and Administration Development;
  • Sociology and Cross-Cultural Challenges;
  • Humanities and Cultural Studies; and
  • Any specifics issues of Social and Policy Issues.